Cancer treatment made simple

About Me - Clinical Oncologist

Present NHS position

Consultant Clinical Oncologist with General Medical Council reference - 7504905.

Clinical experience

Has vast experience as a clinical oncologist. Gained experience in all types of lung, bladder and prostate cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments in both private and NHS care.

Special interests

Lung & urological cancers and proton therapy are my particular areas of interest.

Research and publications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is a Clinical oncologist

A clinical oncologist is a physician who specializes in radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments of cancer, thus reducing the risk of surgical interventions.

Educational qualifications

I have my graduate and post graduate qualifications from renowed centres in India. I had been working for many years as a consultant in India at internationally acclaimed cancer centres before coming to the UK.

How to book an appointment

You can book consultation appointments by either filling the 'Contact Us' form or by phone / email as per your convenience. 

Cost of your treatment

I am registered with most of the private medical insurance companies and thus the cost is fixed as per their policies. It is strongly recommended that you check with your health insurer about this.

Where will you get treatment

I work at three hospitals in the North East of England. Details can be found at the Appointment section. Radiotherapy will only be delivered at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough. 

Further questions

I would be more than happy to answer if you have other queries relating to any aspect of your management.